Nimes Transport AB – your supplier of all full and part loads, general cargo and express deliveries by road, both domestic and international transport

We’re starting to tell you a story

Time may not fly but we have already been ongoing for 14 years. The company was started up by Slavenko Stanic having 2 trucks serving the lane Malmö – Amsterdam, containing airfreight. With dedicated and loyal staff, we do today have a business that he would have been proud of. Unfortunately Slavenko left us way too early.

Today we are about 30 employees and the company do have a healthy growth. 25 own vehicles to serve our customers and a workshop where we can maintain and give service to both trucks and trailers.

Beside our direct customers we also serve other logistic providers, such as LKW Walter, Dachser, Bring and Postnord.

Our turnaround is about 40 msek and we do handle about 70 000 tons cargo per year, meaning we are not the biggest player on the market, meaning we can’t afford not treating all customers in an excellent way.

Nimes is today owned by Edita Tukaric-Stanic.

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