Our environmental work

  • We are on the right path

    We are on the right path, that we know. Still, some way to go. Our vehicles is of the highest Eur class and we do drive them all on RME classed fuel. It may not alway, based on the efficiency of the RME fuel, the most cost effience but we like to see it as an investment cost for a sustainable future.

  • EcoDriving

    All our drivers are educated in EcoDriving, which means less environmental impact and being more cost efficent. We like both arguments.


  • Continuous follow-up

    Continous follow up on environmental impact in the Scania Fleet Management system, also providing feedback to all drivers.

  • Optimization

    Being able to optimize our vehicles/trailers is a prerequisite for both our environment and for being cost efficient. Our profitability is a good trade off for our environment.


  • Paperless office

    We’re striving towards a paperless office and we are at this moment looking for a new, modern IT system that can support us in this effort.

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